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Accessing ‘R’ from C#–Lessons learned

In my family we say, “If no one took a picture, it didn’t happen.” I’m getting to be that way somewhat with various software technologies. Some little voice inside me says, “If I can’t call it from C#, it can’t be a real technology.” That’s not true of course, but it helps explain my recent […]

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I.T. Can Run But I.T.Can’t Hide (from Microsoft Excel)

On May 14, I had the privilege of co-presenting with Andrew Brust to the NYC Chapter of TDWI and at the NY Tech Council BI and Analytics special interest group. Our topic was “I.T. Can Run, But I.T. Can’t Hide (from Microsoft Excel)”. We didn’t pick the title! The slides are here. This posting is […]

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iPad Take 2: Revolution or Evolution?

Having used the iPad for several days now, I believe it is currently an evolution of something, not a revolutionary new thing. But it will become revolutionary if the right applications emerge. Today I think the sweet spot is replacing the iPod Touch for the 50+ generation. The iPad is the best media player I’ve […]

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First impressions of the iPad

The purchasing experience was top-notch.  I reserved mine a few weeks ago online.  The store opened at 9am and reserved units were held until 3pm.  When we arrived, an Apple Store employee took our name, signed us in using his iPhone and within seconds someone else came up, introduced himself and took us into the […]

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