Looks like a blog, smells like a blog… it’s a blog.  My little corner of that inter-webs thing everyone is always talking about.  I haven’t totally worked out what I will do here.  At minimum it will contain links to articles I write and slide decks I deliver.  As time permits, I’ll post some thoughts on things that matter to me, mainly around sofware-as-a-service, cloud computing and business intelligence.  I’m allowing comments, but in the near-term will approve them before they post.  I may open that up at some point, once I’m sure I can control the SPAM reasonably well.  You’re always welcome to reach me at the email address on my ‘About’ page.  I’m pretty responsive on email.  Enjoy your day!

A few ‘blog-y’ details… I host with Dreamhost, the blog engine is WordPress, the designer is my son Andrew.  I’m pretty impressed with all three.

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